4 Reasons To Consider Slate Roofing

4 Reasons To Consider Slate Roofing

Whether you plan to have a new home custom-built to your specifications or you simply want to replace your home’s current roof, you may find yourself pondering a variety of potential roof materials. While many homeowners choose asphalt, metal, or wood shingles, others prize slate roofing as a durable, beautiful option.

Although slate tends to cost more than most types of roofing materials, it also offers many positive points that might hold special appeal for you. The more you understand about these advantages, the more easily you can reach a final decision. Consider the following four reasons you might want to select slate roofing.

1. You Want a Long-Lasting Roof

At first glance, the relatively high cost of slate roofing might give you second thoughts. However, you may think differently once you consider one of this material’s prime benefits: its unrivaled longevity.

A slate roof can last anywhere from 50 to an astonishing 200 years, longer than any other roofing material. This outstanding lifespan means you will probably never need to re-roof your home, giving you optimal value for your investment compared to other materials that may require at least one full roof replacement.

Know that this benefit comes with one important qualifier. Slate may have impressive longevity with proper handling, but it can also prove quite brittle under careless foot traffic. If you install or repair a slate roof, employ professionals who know how to handle this material with the proper care.

2. You Need a Roof That Resists the Elements

If you live in an area that sees frequent electrical storms, heavy rains, or other environmental threats, you must take care not to choose a roofing material that might catch fire, deteriorate on exposure to wind and water, or get blown off of the roof easily. A slate roof can serve as the ideal material to stand up against the elements.

As a stone-like-like inorganic material, slate can’t rot or foster mold like organic roofing materials. Slate also offers natural flame resistance that could save your home in the event of a lightning strike or neighborhood fire. At the same time, the sheer weight of the slate tiles helps the tiles stay put in the face of heavy winds.

3. You Care About Sustainability

Some homeowners worry about the environmental impact of the materials that go into their roofs, and understandably so. Asphalt, metals, and synthetic roofing materials can include non-renewable ingredients and require considerable industrial processing, making them less than appealing from a sustainability standpoint.

By contrast, a slate roof consists of natural, unprocessed materials, making it a relatively eco-friendly option. Slate also lends itself to recycling. Once a slate roof comes down, workers can break the material up and reuse it in a variety of other applications. They can also opt to put it back in the ground without harming the environment.

4. You Love Slate’s Distinctive Look

Genuine slate retains a unique sheen and beauty that you might find captivating. Natural slate can occur in many shades of gray, purple, black, and green, with the mica in its chemical composition adding a noticeable sparkle and shimmer. You can also paint slate tiles in a variety of bright solid colors.

Slate tiles lend themselves to many shapes and patterns to suit different home styles and homeowners’ tastes. You can choose from a standard shingle-style arrangement of uniform tiles, rough-hewn tile textures, staggered or non-uniform shapes, and graduated tile patterns that feature shorter tiles up top and longer ones below.

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