Hail Damage, Water Damage, Storm Damage, Wind Damage

Storms can cause a number of adverse effects on your roof and compromise your home’s safety as a result. Knowing about the types of damage can help you deal with them better should you need emergency storm damage repair procedures. Here’s a look at the common types of storm damage.

Water Damage

Water damage affects your entire home. It can affect its structural integrity and cause certain health hazards. Common moisture-related issues include mold and mildew growth. You can prevent extensive water damage by immediately calling a professional roofer for repairs.

Hail Damage

This can affect not only your roof, but your siding as well. It is one of the most difficult types of damage to identify. A thorough inspection of your roof is a necessity. Look for dark spots on your roof as they show the loss of granules. These can lead to other more extensive problems such as leaks and cracks. Sometimes, the roof can turn out to be beyond repair and a full-on replacement will be needed.

Wind Damage

The strong winds from the storm can damage your roof and property in many ways. They can lift the shingles on your roof and cause cracks. Flying debris blown by strong winds can also cause cracks and holes in your roof and siding. Turn to experienced roofing companies for immediate repair to avoid further issues.

Impact Damage

One of the most visible signs of impact damage is fallen trees. Extreme wind pressure can cause nearby trees to fall and damage your property. Prevent further damage by maintaining a steady checkup—especially after particularly ravaging weather conditions. It’s better to stay on top of things than to have a reactionary approach.

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In the Midwest, we’re no stranger to severe storms. But it can be difficult to tell if your roof has sustained damage or not. Call Billings Roofing & Solar Inc. for a comprehensive inspection of your roofing system. We use drone technology to inspect your roof without inflicting further damage.

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