Benefits of GAF LayerLock™ Technology

Benefits of GAF LayerLock™ Technology

The LayerLock™ Technology has made roofing jobs easier for homeowners and roofing contractors. Engineered by GAF, this mechanism influences the widest nailing zone and ensures fast, reliable, and more effective shingle installation. The traditional architectural and laminate shingles are more likely to become loosen up and separate when the asphalt-based adhesive that holds them together becomes malleable during the hot seasons. However, nailing the shingles through this revolutionary technology will prevent such issues. In 2020, the residential construction industry recognized LayerLock™ Technology as the top home innovation. This technology is commonly featured in reliable, high-value, and excellently performing Timberline® Shingles.

Read on to understand how LayerLock™ Technology affects Tulsa roof installation.

Improves the Shingles’ Common Bond

LayerLock™ Technology ensures that two shingle pieces are mechanically attached, rather than just being held together with shingle-based adhesive. This technique adds strength and increases the chances of the shingles remaining together.

According to GAF CARE Operations Manager, manufacturing companies often hold two shingles by applying adhesive in the common bond area during the manufacturing process. However, this adhesive usually softens when the asphalt becomes hot. This creates a separation and affects the effectiveness of the shingles.

Increases the Nailing Zone

LayerLock™ Technology fastens the shingles together mechanically. The powerful attachment created during the manufacturing process gives the roofing contractors a larger nailing area. Timberline® shingles installed with this technology have dimple marks that indicate where the shingle pieces are fastened together.

GAF increases the nailing zone’s size by approximately 600%. Additionally, it covers the nailing area with micro granules to allow the Dura Grip™ adhesive to penetrate easily and create a strong bond between the asphalt. With these tools in place, the roofing contractor only needs to use about four nails when installing the shingles.

Allows Faster Nail Fastening

Another advantage of LayerLock™ Technology is that it ensures faster Tulsa roof installation. The larger nailing zone and only a few nails required allow the roofing contractors to fasten the nails faster. According to a recent study, contractors installed Timberline® HDZ shingles 30% faster than the regular architectural shingles.

Supports more Nailing Accuracy

Besides installing the nails faster, LayerLock™ Technology also enables contractors to place the nails accurately during Tulsa roof installation or repair. The large StrikeZone™ nailing area is usually easy to hit. This reduces the chances of hitting and damaging the common bond area. Therefore, the ability to nail faster also makes roofing in Tulsa more efficient.

Improves a Roof’s Durability

The LayerLock™ Technology supports the durability of the roof installation project by creating a solid asphalt-to-asphalt monolithic bond. This bond ensures that the residential or commercial roof is strong and stays in place even during harsh weather. The technology also equips the property’s roof with an excellent wind uplift performance. The shingles can withstand wind of up to 130-mph.

Exceptional Roofing Results

When a roofing contractor uses LayerLock™ Technology during roof installation, the end results are splendid. The normal Timberline® Shingles that you know will be looking even better because of the perfect finishing touch.

Additionally, they will aid in reducing the temperatures in the attic, hence saving on air-conditioning costs.  The shingles’ modern reflective technology will minimize the building’s solar heat gain by reflecting the sun rays and radiating the absorbed energy. This mechanism will ensure that your home and roof remain cool during the hot seasons.

Warranty Protection

Another impact of the LayerLock™ Technology on roof installation is the unsurpassed warranty protection it provides. This warranty coverage occurs in three different levels, depending on the type of installation. They are:

First Level

This level involves using four nails to install the Timberline® HDZ shingles in the StrikeZone. This technique delivers a wind rating of 110-mph.

Second Level

This level has a higher wind rating of 130-mph. To achieve it, the roofing contractor needs to install four nails in the StrikeZone. He or she also needs to add starter strip shingles on the rakes and at the eaves.

Third Level

This level is referred to as the WindProven™ Limited Wind Warranty because it does not have a maximum speed limitation. It is vital to know that only GAF provides this warranty coverage.

To qualify for it, you need to use the four standard nails at the StrikeZone™ and a combination of the necessary GAF accessory products. These include GAF starter strips, leak barrier, roof deck protection, attic ventilation, and ridge cap shingles.


In summary, the LayerLock™ Technology is the secret to roofing excellence in residential and commercial projects. It enables roofing contractors to install Timberline HDZ® Shingles faster and more accurately. This technology will save you a lot of money in the long run by eliminating the need for regular roof repairs. It is the best way to beautify and protect your home.

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