Roof Insulation

Insulation in your home is vital to maintaining comfortable temperatures. Not only will you stay more comfortable with sufficient, quality insulation, but you will also have lower energy costs as well. Typically, insulation is found in the walls of your home, but that is not the only place it can be installed. Roof insulation is another option for homeowners seeking more comfort, but what added benefits does roof insulation provide?


The most common roof insulation forms installed are either fiberglass or spray foam insulation. Fiberglass is the most common form of insulation you will see. However, the spray foam insulation performs better than the fiberglass and it also hardens quickly so particles will not float around your attic space.

One of the greatest functions of roof insulation, especially in Oklahoma, is how it keeps out hot air during the summer. Dark-colored roofs are common and they absorb a lot of the sun’s energy. This can heat up your attic significantly, where hot air can leak into the home. This causes your air conditioner to work harder than usual, costing you money. One way to remedy this is to have a lighter-colored roof installed, but roof insulation will also help block that heat from reaching the attic.

Roof insulation will also help during the winter. Heat in your attic can warm up your roof and cause snow or ice to melt, which can create ice dams as it falls down your roof. Roof insulation will keep the warm air in so your energy costs stay down, and your roof stays cold, and your home stays warm.

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