Billings Roofing & Solar Inc.: A HAAG CERTIFIED INSPECTOR

Billings Roofing & Solar Inc.: A HAAG CERTIFIED INSPECTOR

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Billings Roofing & Solar is proud to be a HAAG Certified roofing inspector. This title isn’t just for show; the certification carries a lot of weight, as it means we are effective and efficient at inspecting and assessing damage on your roofing. Read on as we discuss the benefits of hiring.

Comprehensive Roofing Knowledge
Our roofers underwent intensive training to become a HAAG Certified Inspector covering many aspects of roof inspections. The roofing industry has changed greatly over the last few decades, and the knowledge we possess through our training gives us an edge in effectively and efficiently assessing our customers roofing.

HAAG instructors are all residential and commercial forensic engineers, and they possess knowledge about your roofing that exceeds that of ordinary roofers. We’re proud to say that when you hire us as your roofer, you can count on us to expertly diagnose your roofing and address them in turn.

When Should We Call You?
You may call us whenever you need to have your roof assessed properly – particularly if your roofing has recently experienced storm damage. Hail and storm damage are very deceptive; in fact, the signs that your roof has storm damage may not even appear immediately. It’s very easy to disregard your roof after it experiences a storm, not knowing that it’s hiding damage somewhere.

As a HAAG Certified Inspector, we know how to quickly identify even the stealthiest storm damage on your roofing. We’ll make sure to address even the smallest leaks on your roof so that it doesn’t become a bigger and more expensive problem in the future.

Looking for a roofing and siding contractor? Choose Billings Roofing & Solar Inc. Give us a call at (918) 936-3703 for more information on our services. Our roofing company serves homeowners throughout Tulsa, OK.

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In the Midwest, we’re no stranger to severe storms. But it can be difficult to tell if your roof has sustained damage or not. Call Billings Roofing & Solar Inc. for a comprehensive inspection of your roofing system. We use drone technology to inspect your roof without inflicting further damage.

Trust Billings Roofing & Solar Inc.

If you’re looking for a roofing company you can count on for quality workmanship and outstanding customer service, call Billings Roofing & Solar Inc. today. You can reach us at (918) 936-3703 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!