Flat roof storm drainage seem like they should not belong in the same sentence. Flat roofs lack the pitch of a classic residential roof, giving water a difficult time draining off a roof. This can lead to leaks, dry rot, and mold growth. While water may not drain off flat roofs as easily as off steeper pitched roofs, there are a few actions you can take to aid in storm drainage.


First, interior drains are a very common solution that work wonders to solve drainage problems on your flat roof. These are essentially a series of pipes that are installed near the center of your roof that helps drain water. You can also install protective measures to ensure leaves, dirt, and other debris do not clog up the pipes.

Second, flat roof systems can always benefit from gutters as well. While gutters cannot access pooled water on the roof and fix these drainage issues, they do significantly aid in drainage during storms.

Lastly, scuppers work well to move water away from your flat roof. They do this by acting as funnels to channel water away from the roof. However, scuppers do not fully address the issue of standing water on your roof. While expensive, your best bet at controlling standing water on your flat roof is by having interior drains installed.

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