Getting the Most Out of Your Metal Roofing: Choosing Colors, Styles and Materials

Getting the Most Out of Your Metal Roofing: Choosing Colors, Styles and Materials

Metal roofs offer a durable, low-maintenance roofing solution for buildings of all styles. There are several metal roofing styles and materials available that will age differently. You will find that different materials and grades offer solutions for different climates and roofing applications. They each have their own look as well, so be sure to ask your contractor about metal roofing styles as you plan your next roof installation.

Metal roofs have different installation methods. The more expensive roofs have seaming tools and take somewhat longer, but many people love the look so much that they are prepared for the cost. Whether you need a more cost-effective roof for a smaller building or a heavy-duty commercial roof with a fancy look, you have options with different metal roofing styles.

One of the great types of flexibility you get from metal roofing is the color and style. Metal roofs come in a huge variety of natural-looking colors. Customers also love the non-natural color options. Green and ivory are popular choices with many people. The metal finish can be beautiful by itself, or it can have a patina. Some metal roofing styles also mimic the look of wood or slate.

Standing Seam Versus Exposed Seam: The Major Difference

Most people make an initial decision about their desired price point and look based on the seam type. Exposed seam roofing is faster and more economical to install. This type of roofing will show the tops of the screws after installation. It is usually less slippery to walk on after installation than a standing seam roof. Standing seam roofs are also typically installed at a much steeper pitch than most exposed seam roofs.

Standing seam roofing can be manufactured with a specific method or design that will affect how it is installed. But the vast majority of standing seam roofs use clips and special tools to achieve the look. It often takes a larger crew to install these types of roofs in order to achieve the type of panel overlap that gives these roofs their unique style.

Metal Roofing Materials

Older metal roofs may be made of tin. This material has been replaced with steel and metal mixes that don’t rust. But metal roofs are also frequently made of aluminum, which is a common choice for people who want an economical roof. You will also find copper and zinc roofs in some places. Copper is a beautiful material, but it is not often used in areas with hail risk. Zinc is also very attractive. It is used much more widely in Europe than in the United States, where the cost has deterred many buyers.

Copper and zinc are both roofing materials that can have a decorative patina applied before installation. They will typically patina with age as well, which many customers love. Zinc roofs are known as 80-year to 100-year roofs, while copper roofs have a lifespan of 60 to 100 years. Steel roofing lasts between 15 and 50 years. Most aluminum roofs are built to last 50 years.

Aluminum and steel roofing are paintable in many colors. While several roof manufacturers make specialty roofs that mimic organic materials and colors, some people love unusual colors on their roof. You can get custom paint for certain roofs if the metal is treated first.

Styling Options for Everyone

Metal roofing styles come in many different types of panels, shingles, and tile types. You will also find many corrugated roofing options that will help with any weight issues due to snow or hail. Metal shingles can be manufactured to mimic cedar shakes, slate tiles, and clay tiles. There are also many different styles of panels to choose from.

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