Replacing Your Asphalt Roof With a Green Roof Option: How To Be More Earth-Friendly

Replacing Your Asphalt Roof With a Green Roof Option: How To Be More Earth-Friendly

More people are looking for different ways to reduce their carbon footprint and transform their homes into green and eco-friendly settings. One of the best ways to create a green roof is by selecting the right material to install. Although asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roofing material in North America, there are a few other options to create an eco-friendly structure.

Repurposed Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are known to be extremely durable and are eco-friendly because they can last 100 to 150 years. Repurposed slate tiles reduce your impact on the earth and allow you to still get plenty of use out of the materials for many decades.

Metal Panels

Metal panels are also considered to be an eco-friendly roofing material, which you can purchase new or recycled. Metal reduces the amount of heat that transfers into the building because it’s reflective, which can minimize your energy usage. There are a variety of different types of metal panels available, which are often constructed out of alloy. 

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles have a long lifespan and don’t have to be replaced for up to 60 years. Not only are the tiles energy-efficient, but they’re available in a variety of color shades to complement different styles of buildings. They work well for insulating the home and preventing hot air from becoming trapped, which can reduce your HVAC usage. Many homeowners enjoy clay tiles because they’re low-maintenance and are easy to replace if they break.

Living Roof

Some homeowners prefer to build a living roof, which makes it possible to have a garden on top of the building. Living roofs are an eco-friendly option that can enhance your curb appeal and improve your building’s thermal performance. 

With the different types of eco-friendly green roof that are available in the industry, it’s easy to have more options when it comes to the new type of roof you plan to build. This can transform the quality of the setting. It can also reduce your energy usage each year to avoid making an impact on the environment where you dwell.

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