Green Roofing Options for Houses and Commercial Buildings: There Are More Than You Think

Green Roofing Options for Houses and Commercial Buildings: There Are More Than You Think

What is a Green Roofing? A green roof is basically a landscaped roof that adds life and beauty to your property. It can help transform your home into a sanctuary from the busy outside world. Green roofs are the most eco-friendly way to cover a building. This is because they allow plants to become hosts and spread their roots, while absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. In addition, green roofing can create shade from the heat in summertime and prevent erosion from rain in wintery springs and falls. Therefore, here is a list of some of the different green roofing options:

1. Modular or Intensive System

This system involves installing shallow containers or planting trays on top of a waterproof membrane. The containers are filled with soils and plant life. The plants are chosen to flourish in the area where the building is located. For example, plants from dry areas will not grow well in colder climates. Therefore, plants that thrive in hot and dry climates will not be suited for your roofing options, unless you can provide them with enough irrigation and water for their survival. For commercial buildings and houses, the modular or intensive green roofing system is a good choice for areas where you need more of an urban landscape. This is because this type of system gives the appearance of having a normal rooftop, with skylights and vents. The downside to this is that it can be very expensive and take longer to install.

2. Traditional or Extensive System

This system involves a layer of waterproof material such as felt, gravel, or tiles. This is laid over the rooftop of the building. The roofs are then covered with soil and plant life. These green roofs usually have a much lower maintenance cost than modular or intensive systems because they don’t use any special materials and don’t need as much water for irrigation. In comparison to modular or intensive systems, traditional or extensive systems do not create a strong look for commercial buildings or houses.

3. Natural or Site Sensitive

Natural or site sensitive green roofing options are the closest to how nature’s green roofing system works. It involves planting containers that are placed directly on top of your building. The soil and plants used only come from the location of the building that you’re covering, so there is no need for imports. This type of system is considered very environmentally friendly because it does not use any artificial chemicals for fertilizers or pesticides. It does not require irrigation systems like other systems do. It also has a low cost, which makes it very ideal for commercial buildings or houses.


The best green roofing option for your home or building will vary depending on your needs. Everything from commercial buildings to houses can benefit from having either a green roof or part of a green roof. This will help add life to your property and help make it more environmentally friendly.

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