Human beings have created shelters since the beginning of time, and no shelter is complete without a roof to keep out precipitation. Roofing styles certainly have progressed since the days of our earliest ancestors, but perhaps not quite as much as you may think. Strap in and get ready to walk through a brief history of roofing.

In the very first days of civilization, cavemen created roofs for their shelters made out of plants and sod. While these roofs worked well for insulation, they did not do much to keep out pests and rainwater.

Between 4,000 and 5,000 years ago, clay roof tiles, much like the ones you see in use today, were used in China, Babylon, and Greece. These were very durable, so they lasted quite a long time, and they did a good job at keeping out rainwater.

From 700 AD to 1000 AD, other natural forms of roofing were used. Thatched roofs were extremely popular until the turn of the millennium when wood shingles began gaining popularity. Wood shingles were used until the 12th century in England when King John ordered citizens to use clay tiles to prevent fires.

Since the dawn of the 19th century, roofing styles have drastically changed. Clay tiles started being produced in bulk and asphalt became widely available to make asphalt shingles. Additionally, metal was being developed into a form of roofing material. All these materials naturally have morphed into the roofs you see today.

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