Wind and hail are some of the harshest elements roofs contend with, but they are just occasional threats. Heat is more of a familiar foe, and its destructive ability is more pronounced during summer.

Hot weather is bad news for all roof types, but it is a bigger concern to flat roofing systems. They are more prone to damage due to their full exposure to the intensity of the heat. If you ask Billings Roofing & Solar, a reputable local Roofing Company, below are some of the worst ways hot weather negatively affects flat roofs.

Thermal Fatigue

Temperature fluctuations can become extreme in the summer. The repetitive cycle of hot and cold air can increase the movement of material. This phenomenon is thermal cycling, which is significantly stressful to a flat roof. The more flat roofing membranes shrink and expand, the more they are likely to wear down and to develop gaps that allow water infiltration.

Flashing Failure

The sun blasts not only infrared light but also ultraviolet radiation. Intense UV rays accelerate the deterioration of flat roofing components, especially flashing sealants. Without getting inspected by an experienced Roofer like Billings Roofing & Solar, your flat roof’s most vulnerable areas may become leaky before you realize it.


Most roofs lose their vibrant color when UV radiation is at its most intense. In other words, they can age structurally and aesthetically more quickly when summer arrives.


Flat Roofing membranes can bubble when overheating. When there is trapped air or moisture underneath the layers of material, it may rise because of high temperatures. As a result, blisters will appear. Any honest roofing and Solar Contractor will advise you to get the affected membranes professionally checked immediately.

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In the Midwest, we’re no stranger to severe storms. But it can be difficult to tell if your roof has sustained damage or not. Call Billings Roofing & Solar Inc. for a comprehensive inspection of your roofing system. We use drone technology to inspect your roof without inflicting further damage.

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