Roof framing has greatly evolved over the past century. Trusses are gradually replacing the traditional rafters because they offer better structural benefits. In fact, nearly 90% of new homes feature trusses to hold up the roof.

[company_name], your premier roofing company, explains what a truss is and how it figures in roof construction:

What Is a Truss?

A truss is a lightweight structure with straight pieces forming triangles to support the roof load. They are connected with tooth plate connectors, making them capable of spanning up to 60 feet. Unlike conventional rafters, they offer a more economic use of construction materials. They utilize smaller amounts of timber, in which cut-offs can be recycled. They are manufactured off-site in a controlled environment, sparing you from extra on-site building costs.

Why Is Truss the Preferred Choice for Most Roofers?

Trusses are a popular option when it comes to roof construction because of their versatility. Their advanced design provides top-notch strength and sturdiness for roofs, regardless of the size, and this is made possible through computer programs that can accurately measure building specifications. Not all roofing contractors specialize in trusses, however, so make sure you hire a roofer who has the proper experience in the field.

They also allow for a more open floor plan as they lessen the need for an interior load-bearing wall. This is a desirable feature for residential homes nowadays. Additionally, trusses are quicker to install than their traditional counterparts because they are already pre-made to your home’s specifications.

Lastly, they are environmentally friendly. They only consume less energy to manufacture and produce less wood waste.

Despite these benefits, using trusses for your roof involves several considerations. Before starting the construction, it’s important to work with a certified roofing and siding contractor like [company_name] to ensure the right solution for your needs. Give us a call at [company_phone] for more information about our products and services. We serve Bixby and nearby communitites in OK

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